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Checking Accounts

Personal Sweep Checking

Investment Account

Earning a premium interest rate.


opening deposit

Unlimited Transactions

per month

  • No monthly maintenance fee with daily minimum balance met
  • Linked to Premium Interest Checking account
  • Funds automatically transferred between accounts

How do I avoid fees?

Maintain the $25,000 minimum daily balance in linked Premium Interest Checking account to avoid the $25.00 monthly maintenance fee.

$25.00 per month

Account Overview

Personal banking customers can link their Premium Interest Checking Account to this unique type of investment account. Customers maintaining a daily balance of $50,000 between the two accounts can have excess funds over the primary account's target balance swept into an investment account earning a premium interest rate. Funds automatically transfer back and forth between the accounts to maintain the minimum balance or to sweep excess funds into the investment account.

Sweep accounts have unlimited transactions so there's no worrying about per item fees. If your balance falls below the target, there's a $25.00 monthly maintenance fee. If you maintain the minimum balance, we'll waive the monthly maintenance fee.

Phone Number

Open an account.
800.829.6372 or have us call you.