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SBA Paycheck Protection Program

PPP Loan Forgiveness Videos

As a reminder, each PPP borrower has up to 10 months following the end of their Covered Period to apply for forgiveness. Whether you're in the middle of the application process or waiting to start, the videos below offer insight on the process by taking you through the basics step-by-step. 




Filling Out the Application

This video walks you through how to authenticate your account and fill out the forgiveness form.

Numerated Forgiveness - Borrower Authentication & Application


Uploading Documents

This video walks you through how to upload documents to the platform.

Numerated Forgiveness - Borrower Doc Upload


Completing the Process

This video walks you through how to eSign the document package with DocuSign and shares what to expect when you submit your forgiveness application.

Numerated Forgiveness - Borrower eSigning