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Coronavirus Update

We're here for you.

And we're ready to help.

Like you, we've been following changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) conditions and closely monitoring the impact on our communities and families. Please know we are committed to keeping our customers and team members informed and safe.

    We encourage you to continue to visit this page and our Facebook page for the latest updates.


    The Latest Updates

    All Banking Office Lobbies Open

    • In-person banking has resumed in all of our banking offices.
    • We continue to offer low contact drive-through and no-contact online, mobile and telephone banking help for those who prefer these options.

    Supporting Small Businesses

    • As a vital part of our communities, small businesses may require additional support in the form of the Paycheck Protection Program provided by the SBA. 

    Visit our SBA Paycheck Protection Programpage for more information. 

    Working with Impacted Customers

    • We understand many of our customers may be facing challenges due to the extended pandemic. We want to help however we can.

    Visit our Here to Help page for more information.


    What we're doing to keep you safe

    Based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations, we are taking proactive steps to protect our customers and team members in our banking offices and limit the risk of exposure, including:

    > Practicing social distancing

    > Washing our hands more frequently

    Enhancing our cleaning and sanitizing services

    > Minimizing non-essential travel

    > Communicating regularly with our third-party vendors

    > Meeting to assess any developments and make new recommendations

    > Encouraging team members to limit face-to-face interactions at work and hold meetings online or by phone

    > Using protective barriers and floor markers to keep you and our team members safe while you're inside our banking offices

    > Providing no-contact access to your account through online, mobile and telephone banking

    While we are working hard to maintain operations that are as close to business-as-usual as possible, we want to remind you that you always have access to your account through Online, Mobile and Telephone Banking.

    How you can help

    To help prevent community spread, we encourage you to follow the guidance provided by the CDC.

    If you have been exposed to the virus or are exhibiting symptoms, a no-contact ATM or online, mobile or telephone banking is safest. We can also assist you at the drive through.

    Be alert

    Please remember to safeguard your personal information.

    Cybercriminals are taking advantage of consumers’ fears about the virus and the growing use of online services. Several Coronavirus-related scams have surfaced as well. Visit Coronavirus Security to learn about known scams and how you prevent becoming a victim.




    We're here to help

    We’re always available for our customers, and we’re working hard to be even more available now. Even though we can’t share our usual welcoming handshake just yet, we've still got friendly words and firm elbow bumps to let you know we’re here and ready to help.


    Information updated March 29, 2021.